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Why Footballers get cautioned when they take off their shirt to celebrate a Goal ?

Before the year 2004 taking off your shirt to celebrate a goal was a legal way of celebrating and scorers will go unpunished. But in 2004 a game change it all Do you know who cause it Diego Forlan.

In a game for Manchester United he scored a goal and took off his shirt,fair enough but the problem was that the jubilation dragged for long and by the time the game restarted he was still with his shirt,he resumed play holding his shirt in his hand and was only able tow put it back on when there was a break in play. By tthen FIFA inposed the rule that if you take off your shirt during celebrating the player you will be cautioned.

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Hassan Haruna Gobir

Hassan Haruna Gobir, from Sabon Birni in Sokoto State, is publisher and writer. He primarily focused on Nigeran politics, Gobir News and Sports.

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