mawakan hausa

  • Sarkin Waka Naziru Ahmad ya ci Sarauta a Masarautar Kano

    Kamar yadda munka samo daga kundin Kannyood celebrities a wata kafar sada zumunta, Shahararren Mawakin Hausa Naziru Ahmad, wanda masoya ke kiraya da “Sarkin Waka” tun gabanin wannan ya samu sako daga fadar Masarautar Kano da sa hannun sarki za’a nada mai sarauta saboda irin gudummuwar da ya bada ga Sarki da Masarautar Kano baki dayanta. Sakon ga yadda yake rubuce ya nuna cewa:

    “Mai martaba ya umurce ni da na
    yi maka godiya bisa biyayya da
    soyayya da kake masa tun yana
    Dan Majen Kano har Allah ya sa
    ya zama Sarkin Kano wannan
    abin a yaba maka ne,” in ji
    Danburan a cikin takardar.
    Ya kara da cewa. “bisa haka mai
    martaba ya umurce ni da na
    sanar da kai cewa ya ba ka
    sarautar sarkin wakar sarkin
    Kano. Za’a yi nadin sarautar ran Alhamis 27 ga watan Disamba.

  • Brief history of Melodious singer, Umar M Sharif and his first love

    Umar Muhammadu Sharif is one among melodious hausa musicians, a star in the business and multiple award winning actor. The kaduna Rigasa 1987 year born did both his primary and secondary education in his hometown.

    Umar said that he used to be a serious student and also an ardent muslim during his secondaries, what ventured him into singing was an event that occured between he and his first love, as he narrates to BBCHausa.

    One certain day during my youth days, there was one certain girl I extremely loved in our locality, but being a newbie lover I just feels too shy to opens up or engage her in a conversation.

    He continues, after narrating to friends, they advised stretching to their abode and sent for her, which I did. But whenever i got to their house’s gate and sent for her I will slugishly started playing “hide and seek” in fear of confronting her. The girl would come out, looked around but to her surprised can’t meet who she’s told sent for her, by then i was in one corner hiding myself. I did these about three times. So, one certain day, I made up my mind to stand my feet and exprience what will push away Tuaregs turban.

    When I got to her abode as usual, sent for her, but the girl failed to show up, another turm oil, I murtered. How can she, a fellow that plays with her mind severally? I recalled. I kept on waiting there, but nowhere to see her, going through that, at that instant tears trickled down my cheeks and I bursed out singing. I kept on singing on my way to home.

    Umar said he used to sing whenever he recalls that incident, then there was one of his elder brothers friends who happened to be a singer that after founding his talent; graded, appriciated and adviced him of dos and donts in singing. He also helped him in recording his first song back then.

    Umar M Sharif said as of now, he has about 500 songs to his credit and listed; Duniya Ce, Nadiya, Madubi, Jinin jikina, Mai atamfa, Bakandamiya and Babbar yarinya as his most favourite. Apart from being a successful singer, the star is also an actor and film producer based in kannywood. The films he acted or produced includes; Mahaifiyata, Nas, Jinin jikina, Ba zan barki ba, ka so a so ka e.t.c

    The singer while asked about marital status said he was married and blessed with two kids. Few days ago I saw on his instagram handel, posted that he was feeling well after an accident he sustained. DanZubair your fan is wishing you quick recovery from


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