Kannywood marriage

  • Kannywood: I am getting married sooner, says Nafisa Abdullahi

    It’s obvious popular actresses in Hausa film industry are hungering for marriage this time around and we ask, “What brought this sudden change of mind?” Yesterday was Maryam Booth, today Nafisa Abdullahi, maybe tomorrow would be Rahma Sadau’s turn to break the news. GobirMob is happy for them though.

    Nafisa Abdullahi disclosed this on her social media handel that she is getting married sooner, if God wills. She congratulated Priyanka and Nick on their marriage and writes,

    Who’s getting married next? Me!!! I’m gonna start preparing too. Seriously…I’m gonna get married real soon. Insha Allah

    She concluded.

  • Kannywood: Maryam Booth and Sadik Zazzabi set to marry

    Maryam Booth the foremost child actress in the history of Kannywood was pictured with her husband-to-be one Sadik Zazzabi, musician and actor in the Hausa film industry. She shared one of these pre-wedding photos look-alike on her social media handel and captioned it “Oya take the gist and share it like family biscuit.” PressHausa have it that they have been in affection for long and she keep it backdoor.

    Maryam Booth and her family members have been entertaining you since their childhood days; Her younger brother Amude Booth and Ramadan Booth an elder brother to her. Their biological mother also was Kannywood mother actress before she quit.

    Maryam Booth pre-wedding photos look-alike:

  • Kannywood: Sani Danja and his lovely wife Mansurah Isah

    Sani Musa Danja and his wife Mansurah are Kannywood popular celebrities who tied the knot about 12 years ago after been in ocean of love with one another. Kannywood commentators had it that this their marriage was one of the unshakeable marraiges that were ever had between celebrities in the Hausa film industry.

    The marriage was blessed with four adorable childen; their first daughter Khadijatul-Iman and her siblings three boys. God bless.

  • Kannywood actress, Nafisa Abdullahi nominates a fiancé who to marry

    That a celebrated kannywood actress and one of its richest personalities, Nafisa Abdullahi, has finally nominated a fiancé who to marry and she made shocking revelation that she won’t dare marry an actor from kannywood whoever he may be, for she has many suitors on ground from whom to marry. The actress made this statement during their interview with Naij while being questioned by their correspondent.

    The source asked her about her marriage ceremony which was called off sometimes ago, but the actress in reply said she don’t know anything about it, that perhaps it might be the rumour mongers that fixed the marriage date for her.

    She continues by saying she has countable of lovers and that she has already nominated one to marry among them if God wills it and that he is not from kannywood actors.

  • Photos from Nura M Inuwa’s second marriage ceremony

    Nura M Inuwa, kannywood popular and one of its richest musicians was on 29th April 2017 taken a second wife, Amina Wada, but would be now preferably called Amina M Inuwa, as custom demands.

    All the marriage rites took place between the bride and bridegroom’s home towns, Katsina and Kano.

    May God bless this your marriage with fruit of the womb, honesty and happiness. Ameen.


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