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Singapore tallest Merlion to be demolished after October 20th

Sentusa Merlion a Major tourist attraction in Singapore is set to be demolished to make way for the Sentusa sensoryscape project as part of the plans to rejuvenate the resort island and its adjacent, Pular Brani operator group announced on friday, it will be no longer open to the public starting from October 20th with the day of its demolision yet to be finalised.

Established in 1995 the 37 meter tall landmark is tallest of the seven iconic Merlion statues across the country, housing to view galleries and a souvenership, visitors can enjoy views of the city skyline by looking out from the merlion mouth, as parts of its farewell Singaporeans and permanent residents could enjoy half price admission tickets while those aged 60 an above can enter the attraction for free from september 21 till the day its closes.

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