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Revealed: APC Governors are the one sponsoring daily protest against Oshomole

Acting National Publicity Secretary Of The Ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) Yekini Nabena Said. Comrade Adams Oshimole Insists That He Will Not Tolerate Any Form Of Impunity From Any Party Member Again, Irrespective Of Their Positions He Does Not Wants To Rely On State Governors For Funds To Run The Party And That Is Why We Got Money From Selling Forms During Primary Elections.

The Era Where The Governors Will Gather An Impose Their Will On The Party Has Gone,this Time Oshimole Has Entrenched Party Supremacy And That Is Why The Governors Are Complaining. For Example You Can See An Outgoing Governor Wants To Bring A Successor And At The Same Time Wants To Be A Senator Even If The People Dont Want To Vote For His Candidate.


Hassan Haruna Gobir

Hassan Haruna Gobir, from Sabon Birni in Sokoto State, is GobirMob.com publisher and writer. He primarily focused on Nigeran politics, Gobir News and Sports.

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