Adorable photos of Nura M Inuwa’s identical twin daughters


Nura M Inuwa, Kannywood popular musician and film producer took to his social media account cute and adorable photos of his identical twin daughters, Nanne and Nana. The twin children photos shared to you here in are their childhood photos which portrays them playing with assorted toys, and that of their teen hood, posing as big girls.

Nanne gigging in delight while her twin sister Nana made sort of a face.

Nura M Inuwa twin daughter, Nanne

Nanne, daughter of Nura M Inuwa posed after her father while her twin sister Nana peered behind her.

Nana the big girl crossed her legs in her fathers car.

Nanne the big girl posed in their compound.

Little Nanne and Nana playing indoors.

Identical twin daughters of Nura M Inuwa.

Nanne and Nana playing with exotic toys.

Little cute twins, Nanne and Nana in sweaters.

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