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GobirMob is an online brainstorming community meant for people with News, Entertainment, Culture and History in mind. Our aim is to build a positive, multilingual and enabling platform which will bring people of all races together to interact, share and be informed at the same time.

This website serve as a pool for dissemination of posts pertaining to News, Entertainment, Culture, History and others, making it one of the ranking websites in Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Sudan amongst others. It has many interesting features that ranges from Musics, Videos, Ebooks, Photos and much more.

In here you can find various ranges of topics we covers. We post on various categories for our visitors interests. We post on News, Entertainment, Culture and History.
• We handpick from trendy and informative News and posts that are made available on the internet by reliable sources and those we find ourselves in real life.
• Wanted to know more about Kannywood film industry, your favourite celebrities and Kannywood gists? Here is the last spot. Just visit this category Kannywood gists to find-out!
• Since we have an untold history and some people are ignorant of our history, so we made up our mind to share it here for Hausas are saying in their adage, “Mai kai shi yassan ma’azar kayanai- A person knows the right position to place load on his head.” We focus on Gobir history the progenitor of Hausa people; their status in Hausaland, Africa and the world at large. As there is amiable relationship between Gobir hausas and other neighbouring African tribes, we will speak of it here too. Not only Gobir, We will be collectively working on Hausa history and those of some Africans.
• There will be stream of rich African cultures in here for your enlightment. Click Culture and traditions to learn more!

Although the community was developed to give only site Admins, Moderators and Contributors the privilages to post informative News, Entertainment, Culture and History, to make it an absolute brainstorming community it should be, now we have given all community members both new and old the privilage to post on any of the given categories.
• As a community member now you can post on any of the categories provided, upload featured images, give your post title e.t.c. But it must undergoes reviews by admins before we finally publish it for public usage.

It’s multilingual

Our community is global. Just because we’re based in the Gobir doesn’t mean you have to be. GobirMob was developed in three languages which visitors or members can promptly switch to. English language is there for Anglophonis, French to the Francophonis and Hausa to Hausa speakers respectively.

Our reputation

According to Alexa Rank and Google Analytics, GobirMob is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Cameroon, Sudan, Ivory coast, Togo, Benin, Libya, United states, Russia, France, Saudi Arabia, China, Algeria, Egypt, Chad, Mali, Morocco, Burkinafaso, Senegal, Germany to mention but a few.

Founder and location

GobirMob.com was formerly launched in 2013 after SSCE by Abdul-Raheem Zubair also known by his nickname DanZubair, but the website fully come to functioning in late 2016 with motive aim of sharing his knowledge in the little corner of the web.


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